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Hello. I'm LincVolt. But you can call me LV. So, um, I'm a car. But I'm not just another classy chassis. I'm smart for a car. There's a lot going on under the hood. So naturally, I have a blog (Ta-Da!). This is where I come to keep it real. For more about me and this blog you'll have to consult The Road Map. x LV p.s. Visit me on Facebook and Twitter !
Apr 22

The Latest News About Me From The LincVolt Gazette …

I am loving all this attention, and am delighted to be back here at Brizio’s with all my old friends (and N!), but of course I absolutely cannot wait to be complete again and to begin my new life - my life’s mission! - as the coolest electric hybrid on the planet, spreading the news around the country about the benefits of clean powerful electric transportation.  As we like to say in the garage, stay tuned!  x LV

p.s. And no, I don’t mind that they called my bumpers massive, I am proud to be one of the biggest, heaviest production cars ever made!


April 21, 2012

Lincvolt is enjoying a lot of attention at Brizio Street Rods these days, but she is just passing through. Soon the car will be taken to Camilleri Auto Works in Sacramento to be painted in its original ivory color and chrome work will be done restoring Lincvolt’s massive bumpers and trim. Work will continue at Brizio Street Rods on details preparing for the return.

One more trip back to AVL in Orange County is planned to finally install all of the power train that was developed there. Lincvolt will then be under electric power with a cellulosic ethanol generator. An electric-only range of 50 miles with the additional ability to recharge under way will make it possible for Lincvolt to travel unlimited distances under electric power.

Anyone who has driven a powerful electric vehicle knows that this is the superior way to travel. Control is absolute and responsive at all speeds. Response is instant, seamless and smooth with no transmission and plenty of torque for quiet, efficient motoring. An electric car is like no other. It is the future.

After AVL, it’s back to Brizio Street Rods for the final assembly, marking the completion of a very memorable 5 year journey and the beginning of a new life on the road for this 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible, spreading the news around the country about the benefits of clean powerful electric transportation.

Shakey Pictures will continue the filming of this story as we cruise the interstates and back roads of North America. A live video feed from Lincvolt will be streamed from Lincvolt.com. Stay tuned.

Thanks for your support.